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Marlon and Debbie's results

In 2009 Marlon had a sudden death heart attack. Fortunately, he was in the emergency room being evaluated for smoke inhalation following a house fire when his heart stopped. They used the defibrillator to shock him back and airlifted him to a specialty heart hospital. His birthday was 2 weeks later and we decided to invite friends over to celebrate the fact that he was still alive and with us. Upon hearing of dad’s heart attack, our daughter came home early from Africa, but she had contracted malaria. She  went through the appropriate medication but the malaria made her severely anemic  At the birthday party a friend pulled me aside and commented that those two didn’t look very good.  Neither did I! They were both rather ashen grey and tired. (So was I) I agreed, but I didn’t know what I could do. She proceeded to tell me about a product her husband had been taking and had such great results. I thought of all the vitamins and supplements I had in our cupboards that we had tried which didn’t work and wondered how this thing could be any different. She told me of all the years of research that went into finding the correct synergistic balance for optimal cell health based on the theory that if the cells are healthy, the body will be healthy. When she told me that the products came with a customer 30 day money back guarantee I thought, “Well I have a massive hospital bill so a guarantee sounds good.” I expected we would use it, find no results and send it back.

My daughter started taking Reliv and noticed in a few days she had much more energy. She was amazed and asked me, “What’s in there? I feel so much better.” Next my husband went from sleeping most of the day down to zero naps. We didn’t know how his heart was doing but his energy and stamina certainly improved. Later his lab results proved his cardiovascular system was much healthier.

 I have been exposed to Lyme Disease several different times since 2000. I had tried so many products that didn’t work, that I was skeptical that Reliv would make any difference for me. In fact, at first I didn’t try it, but instead gave it to my family. After seeing their results I decided to give it an honest trial. To my surprise and delight I noticed the discomfort, inflammation and swelling in my joints lessening.  The brain fog was lifting and the extreme fatigue was lifting. With Lyme Disease I would battle with migrating “frozen joints”.  Injections and chiropractic adjustments gave some temporary mobility back into the joints, but it kept re-occurring. Within a couple months I was able to do fine motor tasks such as buttoning, grasping, and writing which I hadn’t been able to do for years. My whole lifestyle has changed.  I am so grateful that my friend told me about Reliv.